Steps to build

Build a dream home – step by step

1.Getting to know you: Once you will choice us, we will find out all yours needs and requirements to customize the services that suits on you.
Our expert team is always ready to serve you from heart.

2. Site inspection: We will inspect your site to check the affordability of land to assess the cost.

3. Tender: Before making any contract, we will show you all the costs and others issues. You are giving us the greatest responsibility and we are serious to perform it accordingly.

4. Plans and approvals: Our experienced architect team will design perfect design for you according to your needs and requirements that
suits on you and prepare a well planned strategy.

5.Build: Our expert builders will transform your thoughts into reality and give you your dream house. Before going keys to you, our team will
check the safety factors of the house.

6. Welcome home: After all inspections, we will handover your dream to you as a output, your dream house and the story just begins.